A Day On The Pond

On January 1, 2014 by maurello

We have a small pond on our property. It’s just right for my grandchildren to ice skate on. I got a bright idea and bought a whole bunch of ice skates at the used store. Then I called all my kids to come bring their “babies” and come ice skate.

It was quite the zoo figuring out what size for each grandkid. One of them just couldn’t handle the pain and discomfort of an ice skate no matter if it fit or not. He skidded around on his boots and still had a good time.
Somehow we got all their skates, snow clothes, and mittens, etc. on. Then out on the ice they went. I observed that it was a shorter fall for the smaller ones. The older ones made me cringe every time they bit the frost.

It was a fun time. No one got hurt. We even had music for our rustic rink.

I got a lot of “Grandma watch this”.

Surprisingly, they actually got tired. I went up to the house to start some hot chocolate.

Everyone had fun taking turns pulling my youngest grandchild in the sled. Then the sled turned into an inventive toy for the big kids. They got pretty crazy with it.

Then they all came up to the house and ate grilled cheese sandwiches and turkey soup. It was a super fun New Years Eve!

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