A hunt like clockwork.

On October 13, 2014 by maurello

It was opening morning of First Season.

Trevor, a drop camp hunter from Missouri, had just been “dropped off” the day before with some of his buddies. It rained all that night.

This was his second year hunting with OFC Outfitting. The previous year he got a cow.

This year he was hunting for a bull. He decided to hike up to Sour Dough Lakes that morning.



It is quite a hike up there from the big camp. Uphill all the way.
He settled into a spot in between the lakes, waiting about 20 minutes.
He heard a stick snap and ducked to the earth on his belly.
A bull bugled a short distance away. He decided to give a little call from his Hoochie Mama.








Up came two cow elk walking towards him. The wind was to his back, when suddenly a bull elk appeared between two trees at 60 yards.

Without hesitation he shot and scored a nice 4 x 5 !! Wow! Don’t we all dream for a hunt like this one?
Trevor left the next day to go hunt whitetail in Missouri. “So long, friends. Good luck!”




Some great meat for the freezer!



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