A Ride With Scenery

On August 8, 2014 by maurello

Glen brought his beautiful family to our Colorado Mountains for vacation.

When he called me, he said he wanted a horseback ride with beautiful scenery. I told him, “We could sure do that!”

The youngest daughter rode one of our horses named “Dazzle”. She renamed him “Razzle” and they got along splendidly.

All the riders were a little nervous at first. It did not take long for them to relax and ride like old pros.

We have a special point that we like to take riders. It is the most breathtaking site you will ever see.

We call it “Brent’s Point” because that is where my son asked his fiance to marry him.

Glen said that he would have picked the meadow with all the “quakies” to ask his. I had told him that our aspen trees were called quakies because they make a quaking sound when the wind rustles their leaves.

They indeed enjoyed the beautiful scenery on their custom horseback ride.

These riders even helped unsaddle and brush the horses when we were done.

Then they took a tour of our home.

It was a very pleasurable time with this precious family.

We were so blessed to get to meet them. We all immensely enjoyed God’s creation.

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