“Cluck Cluck”

On September 20, 2014 by maurello

I have kept chickens for many years.
I love chickens.
They have different personalities. Each breed is diverse in it’s special way. I have used all kinds of breeds. The breeds I am using now are Buff Orpingtons and White Rocks.

When my son was little he had a pet rooster that followed him everywhere he went. This rooster didn’t even mind getting roped!!

Here lately I have come across some different ways of feeding my chickens. To avoids GMOs, I buy organic feed. The “Scratch and Peck” brand is the best I have found. I like to feed them kelp too. I ferment my feed for three days. By feeding this way I use much less feed. The best thing is that the chickens don’t waste any. They eat it all!!!

I have noticed that my chickens lay better and longer. Their health is amazing! I can’t help rejoicing over the huge difference in them.
Maybe this diagram will help you understand how it works.


Yes, there has been trouble in the hen house; but it hasn’t been the ladies. I had two roosters that fought so bad, they were going to kill each other. So I put one in a separate pen until I could make chicken soup out of him.

This picture reminds me of the time when I was making Tapioca Pudding. I needed a few eggs to finish. I had all my ingredients together and ready for the eggs. I ran up to the chicken house to see if they had laid any. No they hadn’t. I waited around and checked again. Still no eggs. Finally after checking several times more, I ran out of time. I had to borrow eggs!!!! My chickens were not on my good list that day. The hen in this picture has just laid a warm brown egg.



It is so amazing to me to watch chickens. The roosters are like stallions in that they have their own harem that they boss around and protect; among other things. And when they fight, it is to the death!

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