Hidden Treasures on the Ranch

On August 29, 2014 by maurello

 Can you guess what this sign says? It has been on our place forever.


This mysterious cave draws all our visitors. It is impressed into the scaling cliff that is a backdrop to our house. (right out our back door)

 But even then, it is difficult to climb up to it.

And yes, it has a few bats in it.

These poppies always remind me of my grandma. Timeless beauty!! (See the grasshopper?)

I just love contrasts. Log and Stone! One of the little cabins on our place is over 100 years old!! A real antique……

Not sure what kind of flower these are…..probably a noxious weed. But they are pretty.

Our little Indian Village. My granddaughters come up with cutest things. They have played here all summer.

I think these are Corn Flowers………or Buttercups……? Still pretty!

This nostalgic sign becomes comical when you know what kind of building it is tacked to. It’s an old outhouse.

You may ask why we have a Texas chime in the Colorado Mountains?

My back porch.

I made an old cream separator into a flower pot.

A section of our house used to be a one room school house. The logs are all hand chiseled. The real deal!!!

We have quite a few pieces like this one on our place. Skeletons of a bygone era. They make nice decorations.

This old toy may not look like a treasure, but is has been used by every little cowpoke that has come to visit.

It has brought hours of pleasure to so many cuties. And you know that brings happiness to a grandma’s heart.

Just an old wheel from some farm machinery. Makes nice décor.

Kids and adults get addicted to this roping specimen. It’s horns have been roped and roped and roped. Just good clean fun!!

We consider our little pond a treasure on our place. Mike built it when we first moved there. It is charmingly fun.

Such a never ending possibility for adventure!!!! As you can see by the smiles on our faces.

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