Mountain Hospitality Package


Real West Adventure

Meadow Rides

Lead Rides

Casual Fishing

Interaction With Homestead Animals



Authentic Cowboy Prop Pictures

Mountain Supper




Real West Adventure: Come and visit a family that lives in the heart of the Colorado Rockies. Learn what life is like for local mountain people, who have never lived anywhere else. Experience the west without tourism. Let us treat your family to some true western hospitality.   -About three to four hours of unique,  packed adventure.

Meadow Rides: Everyone can be doing something they love. The Meadow Ride is a short horseback ride out in a field close to the ranch house. These can be customized to fit your family needs.

Lead Rides: These rides are for the little guys or the “I’m not sure about riding a horse” folks. We will lead the horse around the ranch property for added confidence.

Casual Fishing: We have a nice little creek just a few feet from our backdoor with trout in it. Fishing with worms is best. We can supply the fishing poles and worms! Fishing licenses can be purchased at our local grocery store.

Interaction With Homestead Animals: We have animals! Anywhere from chickens and ducks to milk cows and baby calves. Your little tikes will love it. If the time is right you could gather the eggs and help milk the cow.

Campfire: We mountain people like a nice big campfire. It gives us a “feels like home” kind of ambiance and helps keep the mosquitoes away. There is nothing more powerful than a campfire when lifetime friendships are being established.

Songs: Our family loves to sing. Maybe you do to. We like to sing around the campfire. Family members play the guitar and fiddle to old mountain songs and a few songs of our own.

Authentic Cowboy Prop Pictures: Did you ever wonder what you would look like in a pair of real leather cowboy chaps? We can dress your family up in the “real deal”. Your friends back home won’t recognize you. Bandannas, hats, boots, spurs……what fun this will be!!! Take the picture in sepia and they’ll think you’re a pioneer family from by-gone years.

Mountain Supper: Get a taste of our gourmet country cookin’. We’ll give you a choice of:  1. Mexican Food    2. Italian Food   3. Steak with homemade, sourdough bread   4. Fried Chicken with real mashed potatoes and gravy


Homemade pies!! (If the rhubarb is in season we can make a rhubarb pie)


INDIVIDUAL PRICE:     $90 per person

FAMILY PACKAGE :     $350 is our package price for a family of 4

(additional $20 for each extra child)

We can’t wait to meet you. Call us at (970)524-7853. Located 13 miles south of Interstate 70 in Gypsum, Colorado


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