January Thaw

On January 26, 2013 by maurello

We have just had three weeks of below zero weather and now it is so warm the eves drip all day. We are starting a new web page and I’m trying my hand at blogging. We are excited about this summer, and are looking forward to meeting you.


Right now we have about a foot of snow on the ground and it is leaving fast with this warm weather. We went up on top  about two weeks ago and saw alot of elk tracks and some elk.


We hadn’t seen that much activity up there for a few years. There is alot of grass sticking out so it makes it a good wintering ground for the elk. The wind blows the snow off of the hill sides so there is plenty of food. We don’t do a whole lot in the winter except feed and keep warm. The horses ar looking good and enjoying their rest for the winter.

We have a wild turkey who hangs around. They have quite the personalities when you watch them. My daughter almost hit an elk coming home from church the other night. She said one ran across and the next one was coming fast behind and she knew she was going to hit it and the strangest thing happened.


It was like an angel stopped the elk. It was running full tilt and just stopped dead still right on the side giving her just room to get by.

Praise the Lord.

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