Moonlight Ride

On July 31, 2014 by maurello

Mike and Kristie came all the way from Wisconsin to go on a custom horse ride.

Kristie wanted to see the sunset in the mountains on horseback.

It was raining so the sunset wasn’t visible like it usually is.

It was beautiful in a different way.

We had a wonderful surprise when we came out of the trees into a meadow. Elk were scattered grazing or bedded down. Suddenly, up jumped a nice bull elk.

Mike and Kristie were our first horseback riders ever to see a bull elk. He was impressive in his royal velvet.

There was a soft mountain rain as we sat for a short while under a pine tree.

But all in all it was a beautiful ride.

We rode down the mountain in the dark.

When we came around a corner, just before the corral, there was a big beautiful, full moon.

We thank the Lord for a very satisfying ride.

Thank you Mike and Kristie for making it so special by your presence.

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