We are a family-owned operation, located in the heart of Western Colorado. We want to provide you with honest, good quality hunts.

Our goal is to do our best to provide these things so our hunters will return year after year.

Along with asking each hunter to observe good gun safety, obey game laws and be considerate of others in camp, we do not allow alcoholic beverages.

Guided Hunts … on National Forest
– You will hunt in White River National Forest Game Unit No. 44, bordered by 13 miles of privately-owned land with few access points. We have all the preferred accesses
to this unit.
– There are approximately 30,000 acres of forest wilderness on which to hunt. The terrain is steep with dark timber. It is hard country and very rugged, which is why we continue to have a very good elk herd to hunt. Most of your shots will be up close and quick.
– There are some huge bulls in the Unit 44 herd. We are not just telling you about them to entice you to come. They are here, but you have to work for them. They are not easy to get … that is why they are big!
– There have been some Boone and Crockett bucks taken off this drainage, too, but on the average, they are four to five points. We do not pursue the deer as heavily as the elk.
– You will stay in our home and eat with our family. You go out every day from the house and come back at night. We have a maximum of three hunters per hunt. Each hunt is five days long. We hunt on horses.

Drop Camps …
– Our drop camps are on the White River National Forest Game Unit No. 44. There are no road accesses into our drop camp areas. There is close to 30,000 acres of wilderness for you to hunt on.
– The camp consists of a large tent with a woodstove, cooking equipment and cots. We cut your firewood and make sure you have good water. We also have the camp tools needed for your use. You bring your own sleeping bag and food supplies.
– We pack you and your supplies in on horses.
– You are responsible for your own gun so you might want to bring a gun scabbard.
– We check on you every day and pack your game out when you get it.
– When you come off the mountain you are welcome to use our showers before you go.
– There is a minimum of two hunters in camp for safety purposes and a maximum of eight. We have two drop camps available for each season.

Success Rate …
The way we determine our success rate is by how many shots are taken and by how much game is seen. We do our best to do our part and you do yours

Booking a Reservation
We book on a first come, first served basis. Upon request, we will send contracts to be signed and returned with a 50% deposit to confirm a hunt and pay for your reservation. The balance due must be paid in cash upon your arrival in Gypsum. Your deposit is non-refundable without a minimum of 90 days notice. It may be applied to other hunt dates or transferred to another hunter.

What to Bring … For Your Hunt
This list is intended to serve only as a guideline

Rifle Flat shooting type (270, 7mm mag., etc.)
Rifle Scope 4 power or variable
Ammunition 2 boxes
Knife Sharpener
Pocket Flashlight With extra batteries
Hiking Boots Leather, well broken in with Vibram soles
Comfortable Camp Footwear
Rubber pacs Sorrels, Hermans, etc.
Coat Wool, down, etc.
Temperatures vary from +10 to +60
Rain Gear Light weight
Pants Wool, cotton, etc.
Hat or Cap Must be blaze orange or have blaze orange cover
Long Underwear
Sleeping Bag You do not need this on private land hunts or one-on-one
Day pack or Fanny pack
Personal Toiletries
Prescription Medication (Please inform outfitter when booking that you are required to take medication)
Call us at (970) 524-7853

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