What’s the country like?

On September 20, 2014 by maurello

Often we get hunters that ask “what’s the country like?”. Maybe this will help.

In a word, the country is rough.

OFC’s hunting area fits inside unit 44.

It is a  big valley that runs South/East and North/West.

There is a nice creek that splits the valley in two. And a dirt road that climbs to the top of it.

The West side is timber and aspen.

The East side is open, sagebrush, and gypsum dirt (a white powdery dirt).

The big camp is located on the timber side.

There is a lot of  down timber in these lodge pole pine forests. This kind of tree only grows at/or above 9,000 ft.

These are the great aspen trees that make up our white forests.  They aren’t really trees, but plants.

Therefore the root system is shallow. If the wind blows, they can come down. Especially if they are dead.

I have drawn a crude map of the hunting area.

Here is a picture of the power line road.  Looking North/East.

The red arrow = Big Camp

The yellow arrow = Green Mountain

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